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Joseph T. Koza

Joseph T. Koza: Joseph (Joey) Koza is a Vet Tech and assistant - University of Illinois - T. User Startup Experience, Connections and Recommendations...

What is a Veterinary Assistant- Joseph T. Koza

What is a Veterinary Assistant? Article Source: What is a Veterinary Assistant? - Joseph T. Koza A veterinary assistant works with veterinary technicians to help them treat injuries and diseases in animals. They take on the role of a veterinarian who takes on a variety of tasks, such as admini...

Who is Joseph T. Koza? |

In high school, Joe Koza participated in athletic programs, particularly as a member of the Carmel Catholic High School wrestling team. This kindled an inte...

Meet Joe Koza - Joseph T. Koza

A dual passion for animal health and for youth athletics has influenced Joseph T. Koza and his career. From his education to his work, Joe Koza has applied his passions, achieving excellence as a means of sharing his skills with others. Mr. Koza currently lives and works in the state of Illinois, where he is […]